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MR Coat Diy Color Flake Coat Set

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  • Easy to be install
  • Anti slip surface
  • Water resistant surface
  • Durable surface, can wash easley

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Color flake coats are visually appealing. They add a burst of color and a unique, speckled appearance to surfaces, enhancing the overall look of floors, walls, or other coated areas. This decorative effect can be customized with a wide range of color options.

Hide Imperfections
Color flakes can help conceal imperfections in the substrate or surface being coated. This makes them particularly useful for covering minor cracks, stains, or irregularities in concrete floors.

Anti-Slip Properties
The texture created by color flakes can add traction to the coated surface, making it less slippery. This is especially important in areas where safety is a concern, such as garages, commercial kitchens, and industrial settings.

Color flake coatings are typically built to last. They can withstand heavy foot traffic, vehicle traffic, and other types of wear and tear, extending the life of the underlying surface.

You can choose from various flake sizes and colors to create a custom look that suits your aesthetic preferences or complements the design of a space. This allows for creativity and personalization in flooring or coating projects.

MR Coat Diy Color Flake Coat Set

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