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INNO-SQ7003-P Jasmin Squatting Pan Back Inlet Squatting Pan

Squatting pans, also known as squat toilets or Asian-style toilets, are used for specific cultural, historical, and practical reasons in various parts of the world.


Features & Advantages

Hygiene and Cleaning
Some people believe that squatting while using the toilet is more hygienic than sitting on a Western-style toilet seat. They argue that squatting can help reduce contact with potentially contaminated surfaces.

Medical Benefits
Advocates of squatting toilets claim that they can help prevent certain health issues, such as constipation and hemorrhoids, by promoting a more natural and efficient bowel movement posture.

Water Usage
Squat toilets typically use less water per flush compared to Western-style toilets, which can be an important consideration in regions with water scarcity or a lack of advanced sewage systems.

Squatting pans take up less floor space compared to sitting toilets, making them a practical choice in smaller bathrooms or public restroom facilities where space is limited.

Public Health Considerations
In regions with inadequate sewage systems, squat toilets may be more suitable because they are less likely to become clogged or require extensive maintenance.

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