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Ventilation Block VB 304.125

Ventilation blocks, also known as breeze blocks, are specialized precast concrete blocks designed for air circulation, privacy, and security. They come in various shapes and patterns, allowing different levels of airflow. These blocks promote natural ventilation, regulating temperature and improving indoor air quality. They find use in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, especially in areas like kitchens and bathrooms, offering cost-effective ventilation solutions while maintaining structural strength.


  • Dimension(mm) : 290x290
  • Depth(mm) : 125
  • Coverage Area(pcs/m²) : 11.1
  • Weight(kg/pc) : ± 13.5
  • Packaging(pcs/plt) : 81

Ventilation Block Floor Plan


Natural Ventilation
Ventilation blocks are designed to allow air to pass through them, promoting natural ventilation within a building. This helps regulate temperature, reduce humidity, and improve indoor air quality without relying solely on mechanical ventilation systems.

Energy Efficiency
By reducing the need for air conditioning or mechanical ventilation, ventilation blocks can contribute to energy savings and lower utility costs.

Ventilation blocks provide privacy while still allowing light and air to pass through. They are commonly used in areas where both privacy and airflow are desired, such as bathrooms and bedrooms.

Despite their openings, ventilation blocks provide a level of security because they are typically made of sturdy materials like concrete. They can deter unauthorized access while allowing for airflow.

Sound Insulation
While ventilation blocks allow air to pass through, they can also provide some degree of sound insulation, helping to reduce external noise levels.

Fire Resistance
Depending on the materials used, ventilation blocks can offer fire resistance, contributing to the overall fire safety of a building.

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