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Squatting pans, also known as squat toilets or Asian-style toilets, are used for specific cultural, historical, and practical reasons in various parts of the world. Specifications Features & Advantages Hygiene and Cleaning
Some people believe that squatting while using the toilet is more hygienic than sitting on a Western-style toilet seat.

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INNO-SQ7002 Bengal Squatting Pan
Back Inlet Squatting Pan

● 6 litre high level cistern (optional)
● Footrest (optional)
● Loose S or P (optional)
● Available in all colours

SQ7004 Regal Square Squatting Pan
Back Inlet Squatting Pan

● Integral Tread Plates
●Flush Valve or High Level Cistern (Optional)
● Available in S-Trap or P-Trap
● L 560 x W 425 x H 355mm